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Selected Writing
Losing Truth
Whose Pants Are These?
Intimations of San Francisco’s Chinatown:
Cessna Pockets
Survivor: An American Travesty
Designing for the Gaze
Deep Pockets
Cessna Pockets

Losing Truth: The Limitations and Fallibility of Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa
This paper examines conflicting visions and versions of memory and the subsequent rewriting and re-remembering of history in South Africa through two novels, Sindiwe Magona’s Mother to Mother and Mark Behr’s The Smell of Apples.

Whose Pants Are These?: Representing Asian Male Sexuality in Early US Cinema
Using the films Broken Blossoms and Daughter of the Dragon, this paper explores and confronts the problematic representations and standardizations of Asian male sexuality as manifested in such characters of US cinema in the early 20th century.

Intimations of San Francisco’s Chinatown: Unity and Dispersal in the Representations of Community in Flower Drum Song and Chao is Misssing
Analyzing two divergent films situated in the same space, a popular musical and an independent film, a dynamic picture of the Chinatown community is constructed.

Survivor: An American Travesty
This paper examines the phenomenon of reality TV at its true advent and explosion into popular culture through an analysis of the original Survivor, utilizing elements of Marxist theory.

Designing for the Gaze: Vietnam Revisited and Represented by and for the Western Tourist Industry
The essay confronts Vietnam in transition, from previous stigmatized site of war to burgeoning tourist destination and the implications and impacts of the transition process. This paper has special relevance for the author after she visited the country herself in January 2003 as a tourist.

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