Heather Greenlee, ND, Ph, a researcher from the Columbia University’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, has found out that if the women suffering from breast cancer take multivitamins with minerals, then they may face lower chances of re-appearance of the cancer and it may keep them away from death too.

The researcher further added that these multivitamins will be more beneficial to the patients undergoing the radiation treatment. However, the study does not include the cause and effect. Jacksonville Mayo Clinic’s director of the breast cancer program, Edith Perez, MD, added that women, who have the habit of eating the right diet and exercising regularly, usually take more vitamins.

The findings of the study are still under a trial called ‘Pathway’, which will include 4,500 women suffering from breast cancer. Half of these women will be prescribed multivitamins and they will be kept under observation for some years to find how many of the women from each group had faced the cancer again and how many of them died.

Greenlee has stated that their study has just started recruiting women with breast cancer. She further said that 60% of women suffering from breast cancer usually take multivitamins whereas only 38% of healthy women take them.

The researcher added that no other studies have yet discovered this link between multivitamin use and breast cancer prediction. Greenlee along with her colleagues studied the medical records of 2,239 women, who were in the early stage of breast cancer during the period of 1997 and 2000. She informed that 44% of them consumed multivitamins with minerals and 13% took without minerals. They took the multivitamins at least thrice a week for one year or more in three years before they were diagnosed. Following the diagnosis, 65% were found taking multivitamins with minerals and 19% without minerals.

She found that 363 of the women relapsed by May 2010 and 372 died from breast cancer.

Source: http://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/news/20101214/multivitamins-may-prevent-breast-cancer-recurrence