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About Daylight Online

The Cancer News Network aims to provide news and information on cancer and other diseases.

Daylight Online was launched as a personal site in 2003.

In 2010, Daylight Online merged with the Cancer News Network (founded in 2004) and relaunched as cancer research news source.

Most stories on Daylight Online are based on research published in medical journals and released by health institutions.

Daylight Online is edited by Valerie Mason and Lindsey Evans. Contributors include a loose group of individuals who have been personally affected by cancer, either through friends or family members: Privacy

Daylight Online values your privacy. We will not sell, lease, or distribute e-mail addresses. More on our privacy policy.

You can contact Daylight Online at CancerTeam (at) daylightonline.com. Emails sent to this address will be distributed to the appropriate member of the team.

In memory of all cancer victims.

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