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Recent Cancer News

Breast Cancer therapy: Does it lead to weakening the bones?
According to a new Northwestern Medicine study, a middle aged woman, say of 54, is likely to suffer from hip fracture if she is a breast cancer survivor. Though hip fracture is not common in a middle aged woman, it is a likely development in those who have gone through the therapies for breast cancer treatment.

How alcohol consumption and cancer are linked together!
There is a general belief that moderate drinking lowers the risk of heart diseases since studies have shown that moderate drinkers have reported lower cardiovascular problems than heavy drinkers or complete abstainers. However, what is often ignored is a visible link between alcohol consumption and the deadly cancer.

Trained dogs help cancer diagnosis
A new finding suggests that dogs can detect bowel cancer even in its early stage from the breath and stool samples with an accuracy as high as 95 percent. Scientists have opined that trained dogs may be helpful in early detection of the disease.

Do energy-saving light bulbs increase breast cancer rate?
Abraham Haim, a professor of Biology at Israel’s Haifa University has claimed that the energy saving light bulbs such as the CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) may accentuate the rate of breast cancer in women, making them more prone to breast cancer.

Can broccoli help treat and prevent cancer?
Broccoli and its other vegetable cousins have for long been associated with cancer obstruction. Experiments done hitherto have showed that broccoli can stop the growth of cancer but not much was known as to how.

Researchers identify a key enzyme that affects radiation response
Researchers from Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) have identified a new enzyme that affects radiation response in patients suffering from head and neck cancer. PMH researchers have made a discovery that may be significant in controlling the side effects for cancer patients. They have discovered that targeting an enzyme called Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase (UROD) can sensitise diseased tissue to radiation and chemotherapy.

Breast Cancer and Diabetes: A deadly combination
A new study has shown that women with both breast cancer and diabetes have a high risk of mortality than their non-diabetic counterparts. Breast cancer itself is a very deadly disease but a diabetic woman increases her chances of dying if she also has breast cancer.

Women should get tested for Cervical Cancer, says specialist
Middle Tennessee Medical Centre is urging the women folk to get tested for cervical cancer. January is dedicated as the Cervical Cancer Screening Month and regular screening is the best way to combat this dreaded disease.

Obesity and alcohol consumption linked to high cancer rate
If you are obese or if you indulge in alcoholism, then you pose yourself at a higher risk of cancer. If the scientists and specialists are to be believed then one may surmise that being over-weight and consuming alcohol is absolutely suicidal.

Will roundworm help scientists understand pancreatic cancer?
Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease that, as per the estimation of National Cancer Institute, has affected more than 43,000 Americans in 2010. And the fact that 36,000 died from it does not help matter either. Though genetic science has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, scientists are still at a loss to unravel the complex signaling pathway that pancreatic cancer takes in humans.

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